General Checklist – For Starting a New Shopiroller Store

Use this checklist to set up your Shopiroller store easily

Welcome to Shopiroller. Whether you’re opening a new online store or considering using Shopiroller as your e-commerce platform, you can find more information about the options available to you here.

This checklist outlines everything you need to do to start selling online with Shopiroller. These steps will help you create, open, promote and grow your eCommerce store.

🤩 On this checklist:

  1. Set up your online store
  2. Activate your online store
  3. Test your online store
  4. Promote your online store

Set up your online store ⚒️

Before adding products for your Shopiroller store, you need to add some information about your store. To easily manage your business; You can activate online payment methods, activate store plugins and customize your theme.

  1. Become a member and login to your store
  2. Name your Store
  3. Add Store Information and select Store Currency
  4. Activate Payment Method
  5. Enable WhatsApp Chat Support
  6. Set up Shipping and Delivery Cost
  7. Add legal customer agreements (we prepared for you)
  8. Set up website and domain

Activate your online store 🎯

The appearance of your store is very important to your customers. It should inspire confidence and include all necessary information. You should add as many products as possible. For each product you add, you must add at least 3 images and add description information. All these are actions that will increase your chances of getting an order.

  1. Add your Products
  2. Create Categories for your products (Optional)
  3. Create product Variants (Optional)

Test your online store 💻

Before launch, we must test and manage the system like a customer. We can test it by placing a few trial orders. Thus, we can detect and solve the error that a potential user may experience beforehand. Additionally, don’t forget to test the following:

  1.  Test your store link
  2. Test your order management

Promote your online store 🚀

You set up your online store and made it ready for your customers. Congratulations. Now you need to promote your store. You need to get your potential customers to get to know you and review your store. Promotion is possible in social media, physical posters and brochures and promotions.

  1. Create an Instagram and Social Account for your store
  2. Share your store link on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp
  3. Create a discount coupon and promote it
  4. Share in Facebook and Telegram groups with your potential customers, establish partnerships
  5. Advertise with social media and Google Ads
  6. Create payment products with “Get paid with link feature” and share with campaign on Instagram and Social Media

Congrats 🥳

If you’ve come this far by completing a checklist, you have a great store. Now is the time to increase sales.

For questions you want to ask, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by writing on WhatsApp.