What are Category & Sub-Category and How to Add?

The coexistence of things that are related and similar due to any situation is called a Category. If there are things that can be found together in this category, it is called a subcategory. For example, if the main category of x brand computer is electronics, its subcategory would be computer.


If you want to add a category or subcategory for your products in your store, simply follow the steps below.


1) First of all, we click on Categories under the Catalog tab on the left side of your Shopiroller panel.


2) Click on the Add New Category button on the screen that appears.


3) In this section, you can add an image for your category and make the category status active or inactive. After making the settings, click the Add Category button. If you are adding a category for the first time, the parent category field will not appear.


4) To create a sub-category, you must first add a main category. Then, from the Add new category field, you select which category you want this sub-category to be in.


5) Click on the Sub-Categories button next to your categories to see their sub-categories.


6) Click the Go Back button at the top to go to a higher category from the Sub-Category field.


You can now see these new categories you have added while adding products to your store.